A non-OEM re-development strategy leads to important achievements for wind-farmers, that the WindGainHub can quickly enable enhancing the value of the wind assets. The key results are:

Cost reduction / project management

  • More control on the Staffing of the ISP, quality of the on-site working environment
  • Improvement of direct / own staff satisfaction and empowerment
  • Long-term service cost optimised

Technical Control of the assets

  • Greater control on the operation and maintenance and the associated quality of the assets
  • Better quality control of the redevelopment project / maintenance strategy moving forward
  • Better control on HSE

Technology independence

  • No legacy, more trasparency
  • Own target definition
  • Easier to develop, introduce and improve site specific solutions

Multi-technology strategy

  • Sound approach for the entire fleet: own Redevelopment strategy as opposite to several different “technology-focussed” ones

Site-specific / case by case solutions

  • Opposite to an “industrial / homogeneous approach” solutions are evaluated, configured and ordered according to site / asset / technology specific situations