The collaborative platform is aimed at developing and promoting wind power Life-Extension
and Performance Improvement best practices and OEM independent end-to-end solutions

eTa Blades and Nabla Wind Power launch the new pioneering initiative WindGainHub, supported by a network of Independent Technology and Service Providers, to enable Wind-Farmers improving the Technical Control of their Assets and unlock their potential, maximizing IRRs and lowering LCOEs.

WindGainHub tailors methodologies and solutions according to Asset / Site Specific Conditions (Wind, Operations, Turbine, Legislation, Permitting, Compliance, etc.) on each Wind-Farm with the aim to maximise Wind-Farmers’ IRRs through the optimal combination of Life-Extension, Power Production Upgrades, Long-Term Tailored Maintenance, Damage Mitigation Strategies.

WindGainHub is conceived to be OEM independent providing unique equipment and tools which are compatible, dedicated and tailored for each asset, covered by Certification, at the same level of technical skills and safety as OEMs and proven to deliver higher and better results than standard packs available in the market.

eTa Blades, leader in Italy in wind blades design, development and manufacturing, provides specific proven solutions for the re-blading of the most diffused wind turbines.

Nabla Wind Power, Spanish independent wind engineering ISP focused on Wind Turbines Life Extension, owns self-based technology for Turbines Modelling, to deliver Life Expectancy assessment and Potential improvement identification.

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