Rubén Ruiz De Gordejuela, Chief Technical Officer at Nabla Wind Power, will participate to the 3rd edition of the event organised by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) with a speech on “Wind Gain Hub integrated solution for blade replacement and improved control of wind turbines”.

Industry companies will analyze during a day of conferences all the aspects related to this subject. Spain is one of the first countries in the world to face the aging of its wind farms: by 2020, half of its wind turbines will be over fifteen years old. The interest in the matter was evident in the 1st Summit on Wind Farms´ Life Extension held in 2016 and during the second edition in 2017, this event became an international benchmark.

For manufacturers of wind turbines and components, maintenance and service companies, the life extension is an opportunity to open new business opportunities. And for developers, the possibility of achieving higher profitability is created by extending the life of the assets.

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